On July 26th,  a group of future Vivante residents and their friends and families enjoyed a sunny day at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego. The day kicked off at 11:00 am when attendees boarded a luxury charter bus at the Vivante Leasing Office in Newport Beach. Residents were provided with lunch and drinks on the bus and enjoyed getting to know some of their future neighbors on the road down to San Diego.


Residents enjoyed betting on their favorite horses. “More Chocolate” was a favorite among many. Several people from the group came out ahead while only a few lost.


Vivante residents are beginning to form their social community by attending events and meeting other future members of the community. The recent trip to the horse races was just one example of many social gatherings that Vivante will host.


“Our goal in hosting events is to promote a sense of community before Vivante opens its doors. Our day at the races was a great way to start!”


~Beth Otterbein, RN

Vivante on the Coast