Vitality Program

Physical, Nutritional, Cognitive, and Mental Wellness for Seniors

About the program

The VVP will focus on four core areas: physical, nutritional, cognitive and mental wellness. The VVP team will conduct baseline tests at the beginning of the program, documenting a participant’s initial stats, such as blood pressure, weight, cognitive ability and other pertinent criteria established by the residents’ doctors and our Long Beach State Gerontology partner. The program includes a variety of daily fun, dynamic activities to engage our residents such as dance, water aerobics, music, brain fitness games, and more.


  • Multiple and varied group exercises

  • Outings to local areas for walks

  • Senior yoga

  • Dance classes

  • Speakers who are trained in group exercise and senior physiology

  • Customized fitness plans

  • Questions and/or special needs


  • A personalized nutritional plan

  • A breakdown on the optimal number of calories, fat, fiber, protein, sodium and other nutritional should be met on a daily basis.

  • Multiple nutritional educational seminars and forums

  • The menus will focus on fresh, organic produce, whole grains and lean proteins

  • Limit hormones, antibiotics and other unsuitable additives that affect our daily health and wellbeing

Cognitive Fitness

  • Participants will be encouraged to use a variety of brain activation tools

  • Brain fitness apps and cognitive fitness games such as Lumosity, Elevate, puzzles

  • The goal will be to strengthen and train mental agility, memory, attention, problem solving, processing speed and flexibility of thinking.

Mental Fitness

  • The program will include a variety of activities to address mental health, depression, grief counseling and socialization.

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